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Spark interest with a conversation piece.

Sometimes all it takes to stand out in a crowd is showing off your unique fashion style. Do you have a signature color you like to wear? A fondness for Hawaiian shirts? Or perhaps you like wearing Converse sneakers with your dress pants.

Wearing something that can be a conversation starter will help you seem both approachable and unique. However, make sure that you aren’t opening yourself up to be the butt of jokes or turning people off with something potentially offensive. Think of this as a chance to show a little flair, help you stand out from the crowd and put a smile on people’s faces.

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Listen With Your Heart

Pay attention to how you listen to others. Perhaps you hear them speak but you don’t really listen to what they say. While you listen, are you already formulating your response? Do you have a tendency to finish their sentences or to interrupt them with your own experiences? Are you listening to your own internal dialogue and making assumptions or judgments about the other person? When you can listen from your heart rather than your head, you’re able to be present while someone else shares. When you feel heard—really heard—by another, it deepens your level of trust and connection with them.

Meet up. If you’re within an easy bike, train, or drive of one another, make plans to meet for an evening together, or even the occasional day trip.[15] You’ll both be looking forward to it, and planning ahead will make it more likely to actually happen!

  • If you’re having trouble getting together at the spur of the moment, plan ahead, even a month or so beforehand.
  • For further trips, plan further in advance.
  • You may be limited by distance and expense, so you may not be able to visit far-off friends as often, but with planning and saving, you can definitely still make meet-ups happen!