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How to Make Friends

​ Making friends can be a difficult time for some people. But rest assured, here at Friends.com we have this process down!The first thing you have to remember when trying to make friends, is always put your best food forward! It is important to always give a great first impression.  By giving a big smile and a genuine introduction, people will automatically be drawn to you.  These first few moments a person meets you will always be in the fore front of their mind, so make sure you show them the person you are as a friend.

After giving a good first impression, the next important step in making friends is reaching out. Take those first steps towards creating a friendship by calling your new friends, making plans, and following through. This will be very important in the beginning stages of a friendship. By giving ideas and making plans, you and your new friend will begin to hang out… aka start the process of becoming genuine friends.

After you and your new friend have hung out a couple times, and you still feel like you two make good friends, it is time to take your friendship a little bit further.  Divulge a secret. Not a big secret, but something small to show your new friend you trust them.  For example, maybe when you were little, you had a scary experience in the pool, and ever since you’ve never been very comfortable swimming. Even though your “secret” isn’t a big deal, the fact that you chose to tell this to your new friend will mean you like them, trust them, and want to continue a good friendship.


Rules of Friendship

by EBFriends.com

​ Although there are no “exact” rules of friendship, there are some guidelines that can help create more enriching, productive, and long-lasting friendships. Many people treat friendships as if they were somehow less valuable than family or romantic relationships, but actually all friendships have the same capacity to enrich our lives and increase our general happiness.The rules of friendship are important to being happy whether you seeking a romantic partner or not, and you will be more successful in creating a quality relationship with anyone in your life if you can approach making friends from a position of independence and happiness of your own to start with.

When you consider that friendships do not have the advantage of pre-existing family or legal ties to support them, it becomes clear that a true friendship can have certain qualities that other types  of your relationships do not. Real friendships are unique when compared to family, spousal, and romantic relationships in several ways.
Although friendships can last beyond the lifespan of your family members and spouses, they can also be ended quickly without any further responsibilities. Real friendships are not created by legal, social, or monetary obligations, and instead are usually held together only by mutual interests, shared values, respect, and love.

The Rules of Friendship:

  •  Friends should be loyal in both good times and bad.
  •  Friends respect the person and not the position or title.
  •  Friends keep their word and do what they say they will do.
  •  Friends do not talk bad about their friends.
  •  Friends should be honest and not critical.
  •  Friends will consider your point-of-view before trying to get you to
    see theirs.
  •  Friends offer help without expecting anything in return.
  •  Friends do not encourage you to violate your morals and principles.
  •  Friends tell their own friends how much they value their friendship.

How to Keep your Old Friends while Making New Ones

by EBFriends.com

​ Are you about to go off to college? Or maybe you and your family have just moved and you are starting a new school? Lots of situations arise where you are forced to make new friends, which is a great thing! That’s what we are all about here at Friends.com!  However, it’s important to stay in touch and maintain your old friendships as well! While moving to a new town or starting a new school can be traumatic, the only way to successfully cope is to make new friends!  Making new friends is the easy part (we do have a whole site devoted to it!) but it’s a little harder keeping in touch with your old ones! Especially initially, it is very important to put in the extra effort when keeping up with your old friends.  That extra phone call or text message to say you are thinking about them will really make a difference!

Making a special effort to visit your old friends is important. Whether you are close enough to visit once a month, or only once a year it’s important to make those visits count! We are sure you’ll find your friendships just as easy and wonderful as when you saw each other every day!  Planning a yearly reunion around the holidays or a birthday is always a good idea! It gives you something to look forward to, making your time apart seem shorter!

When you off having fun with your new friends (which you should be doing!) don’t forget about the old ones. You had great times with them too, and don’t forget to remind them about those great memories once in a while too!

Since a friendship is supposed to be an interpersonal relationship that is considered to be more than just a simple passing association, there can be degrees of both friendships and associations. Some friends you simply value more than others. Research into the study of friends and friendship used to involve a variety of fields including sociology, psychology, and philosophy where social theories and relationship attachments were examined. However, today the Internet has the most potential for meeting people, making friends and examining the value of your friendships.

Here at Friends.com we know that meeting and making new friends online is one of the most popular activities that you can do online. There are both right and wrong ways to interact and portray yourself online however. Today’s online social scene can provide a way to connect with friends and loved ones, and it can also be beneficial for professional and social purposes. A little common sense can go a long way toward making the process of making friends online a whole lot easier as well.

People tend to value friends who have sympathy and empathy, and desire what is best for the other person in an honest and truthful manner. This builds trust and the enjoyment of each others company with mutual understanding and compassion. The ability to express yourself online without fear of judgment requires honesty, trust, sympathy, respect and helpfulness in a friendship.

The rules for good online etiquette are the same rules that apply to any form of personal communication, as courtesy, decency and good manners are appreciated everywhere. Here are some tips for making new friends online:

Online Friendship Rules

  •  Don’t say something online that you wouldn’t say in real life.
    •    Don’t share things you don’t want everyone to know.
    •    Don’t share extremely personal or private matters online.
    •    Don’t post your exact personal identification information online.
    •    Do practice communicating in a neutral tone that does not sound sarcastic.
    •    Don’t communicate in all capital letters unless you really are shouting.