How to Make Advertising Work on Ebfriends


Develop an understanding of who your target audience is. Before you can proceed with anything else, you have to know how you will approach your customers.

Create fliers and business cards to pass around. You may want to make different ones with different content, so that you can evaluate which ones work better. List a promotional code on each that customers can use when calling so that you will know which ad they’ve seen.

Create a website displaying your services and rates . A website address also looks impressive on your business cards and fliers. Don’t be repetitive and simply repeat what is in your flier. Elaborate more on the website and give the customer more information.

Get your website into as as many search engines as possible.

Write Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content for yourself. This consists of typing keywords that are searched for often, into the articles on your site. These words will place your website higher on search engine sites.

Update your site often, as well as your fliers. Add promotions every now and then, to drive more traffic to your business.

Keep in touch with your previous clients. Send newsletters and fliers to their address or email address but only with their permission.

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Tips & Warnings

  • When you build your website, add a feature that gives visitors an option of signing up for newsletters and promotions. One way of getting them to do this, is to place freebies on your site that require filling out a form to download.
  • Step 1: Build your EBfriends Page
  • Everything on Ebfriends starts with your Page. Create an ad. It’s a simple, free way to communicate with customers.
  • Step 2: Connect with people
  • Get people to like your Page. Create serve ads. And target based on location, demographics and interests.
  • Step 3: Engage your audience
  • Post quality updates and promote your posts with ads to engage your customers and their friends. Start now.